I spent the morning sewing elastic into the waste-bands of two more pairs of yoga pants.  This makes the third pair I’ve had to fix.

When exactly did they take the elastic out of the waist?  When was it decided that spandex in the fabric alone would keep the pants up?

Because I want to meet the person who decided that and beat them to a pulp.

If I’m exercising in these pants then I need them to stay up… and not by sheer force of will.  Elastic helps.

Is it just me?  Should I be buying sizes much smaller than I am so that I don’t have to cut into the waist-band and add elastic myself?

Just asking.



I used to smoke.  Occasional bouts of chain-smoking brought on by stress, usually of the work variety.

Thanks to my beloved Ally I have rather expensive taste in cigarettes.

Nat Sherman is actually a cigar company first so they get first cut of tobacco products.  The cigarettes are both expensive and really good.

I have an ancient pack that I have kept since my last smoke back when I was still working retail on the weekends.  Yes, the cigarettes are stale but they are still ready to be smoked.

You see, I’ve quit but I’m also aware that I might want a cigarette in a future time of stress and I’m not saying that I will not smoke again.

By being open to that possibility, it makes not smoking so much easier.

It’s not forbidden, it’s just something I don’t do anymore.

I took my cigarettes to work today, I didn’t smoke but it was nice to have them with me.


why did I do that?

July 29, 2010

I just bought another computer.

My best friend has a main computer that has been dying for a year and yet she can’t make herself replace it until it is completely dead…. feel free to go through the entire “mostly dead” scene from Monty Python.

But I currently have a fully functioning desk top, a perfectly good laptop with a nice, large screen…. and I just purchased a 10 inch netbook style laptop.


Not a flipping clue.

I must have emotional issues when it comes to computer.

I might even be able to blame this on my father who brought our first computer home as soon as he could afford to (1983 for those who are curious)…  the Apple IIe.

Must have computer… must have multiple computers…

Issues, I tell you.  Emotional issues that are bound up in technology.

and now I have to think of what to name it…



new tag line?

July 28, 2010

Today I described my blog to a friend at work as “my views on the general what-the-fuckery of life”.

There should be shirts.  We agreed. (I should really work on designing something.)

I’ve been doing this for a while.  And I really have no clue what I’m doing.  It started as an exercise to make myself write every day.  But with no contingent on what I write… it’s not like this stuff is useful.

I used to know someone who said she didn’t feel the need to call and actually talk to me since she knew what i was up to from the blog.  Which I guess is true.

I wonder if I should put more effort into this… make it go somewhere.  But I’m pretty sure I won’t.

I’ll just continue on being snarky about life.

Hope that’s okay with you.


So they are advertising this new all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area called the Clipper card.  Which would be great – maintain your card balance online, use only one card for AC Transit and BART as well as other agencies in the area.

Only problem?  Sometimes it doesn’t work and when it doesn’t work you better have cash to cover your fair because it’s not the transit agencies fault.

Ummmm yeah – I’m going to wait for the bugs to be a little more shaken out because really?  That bite’s… and I want to see if they have reload stations around town or if you need to make sure there’s enough money on the card before you leave the house.

file this under … good in theory.


cures for insomnia

July 26, 2010

One of my co-workers has insomnia.  I feel her pain.  I’ve done the insomnia thing over and over again.

I found it rather humorous that she couldn’t figure out what was causing her insomnia… what with the whole new job, new office, new co-workers, new boss, more school, long commute, kids, husband, house thing.  It’s not like she has anything going on in her life.

Personally I am a fan of white noise as a way to deal with the swirling demon that is insomnia.  Then there are those who swear by Benadryl.  Or maybe some valerian root – why yes I did watch Fight Club last night, what makes you ask?

But the hive mind of our office decided that she should try exercise before bed… maybe some pilates or yoga.

I hope it helps.

Insomnia sucks.

So I finally embraced the fact that I was not going to find a recipe that I liked for my tomato sauce… while accepting that I was indeed going to make tomato sauce from scratch.

I found so many wonderful things at the Farmer’s Market…. seriously – the herbs I found were so amazing I think I’m ruined for all other herbs for the rest of my life.

Here’s my haul… notice my cool new reusable produce bags from flip and tumble.

First I blanched the tomatoes with instructions from this wonderful and informative post.

Aren’t they pretty?

I used a LOT of great aromatics to make a base for the sauce.

But I also caramelized some shallots to make sure there was a nice level of sweetness without resorting to sugar.

Put everything together and use a stick blender to make it all smooth… including the parsley and marjoram.

I must say, I am rather proud.