Not very helpful

July 5, 2010

I made a note of the notions I needed to pick up so that I could actually complete some sewing projects.

The local fabric store was open so I thought I’d stop in and pick up some bits and pieces while I was out.

Zippers weren’t a problem and neither was stay tape.  But I could not find the straight seam tape.  There was an employee in the aisle that never bothered to ask what  I was looking for or if I needed help… and I wasn’t even wearing my headphones so it’s not like I had some kind of signal to leave me alone.

So I went to the counter to find someone to help me.  I mean let’s face it, I don’t know all that much about sewing clothing and absolutely nothing about notions.  If they call seam tape something different, I wouldn’t be able to tell.

The only person at the counter at the counter not busy with a customer was busy being entranced by the glow in the dark fabric left at the cutting table.  She didn’t care that I was standing there.  I had to get her attention and even then she needed to gush some more about the fabric.  Then when I asked my question and we went back to the notions wall she told me that she doesn’t use patterns she drafts her own so she doesn’t know about seam tape or most other tapes.

That’s fantastic – good for you…  I use patterns and I need to know what they mean by seam tape.  If you don’t know about notions that’s fine but that means you can’t help me.  Maybe learning about traditional sewing might be a good idea since you’re working in a sewing / fabric store?  Or maybe not.  Just a thought.

Oh and the two store employees that I spoke with decided that bias tape was what the pattern company meant by seam tape.

Which is wrong according to the Google searches I did when I got home.  Bias tape has too much stretch and it appears that seam tape is more like ribbon or twill tape and can’t be found in most craft stores these days.

Live and learn.



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