pint for a pint

July 14, 2010

So I give blood.  Every 8 weeks or so I go get a needle stuck in my arm and they take out a pint of blood.

It’s rather boring at this point, ever since I started taking the iron supplements.

But about 10 weeks ago I learned something.  Apparently I am missing some kind of virus in my blood that 50% of all people have.  Nothing major, nothing life threatening but still it’s a virus.

So because I don’t have this virus my blood is able to be used for people with compromised immune systems.  People like premature babies.

I am ever so slightly popular with the people at the Red Cross.  And I’m totally cool with that because it rocks to do something good for someone you don’t know.

And then last week I got a letter in the mail from my Red Cross branch with a gift certificate to Baskin Robbin’s ice cream.  A pint for a pint.

Being good and nice got me ice cream.

Chocolate peanut butter.  Just like Dad and I used to get when I was little.

How cool is that?



2 Responses to “pint for a pint”

  1. Becca Says:

    This struck a cord with me. I love your story about giving blood. Has inspired me! But the real reason I looked at the blog was because of your pint pic. My dad and I, too, have an affection for peanut butter and chocolate. We can’t find it in our area, but I will keep looking. The PBS chunks are not as big as they used to be though. Target brand Archer Farms makes a good substitute however. Thanks for sharing!

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