horticulturally dodgy

July 19, 2010

Bernie told me I needed to watch this BBC Show called James May’s Toy Stories.

And she was right.  I needed to see this show.  It was so joyful and sweet.

I thought the Lego House would be my favorite episode…

But that was far overshadowed by my love of the Plasticine garden episode…

I love the clay flowers that made me think of my childhood of Play-Doh and then my adolescence of pinch pots in clay.

But even more than that… this episode gave me a new quote for my top 10 favorite Stephen Fry quotes…. “horticulturally dodgy.”

I will SO be using that all the time from here on out – in situations where it makes absolutely no sense at all.

((I would just like to tell you all what I told Clara… I believe that Stephen Fry is the G.K. Chesterton of our time.))



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