secret keeping

July 20, 2010

So I was thinking about the secrets we keep and the gossip we spread today.

It’s an interesting mix, isn’t it.  Those things that we just don’t repeat for whatever reason and then those things that we just have to share with someone else?

I’m the type that has to discuss concepts, ideas and problems with other people but I also respect that somethings need to not be spread around.  Which is why it’s good to have friends who are so totally outside the circle of a secret that there really is not harm or foul from discussing things with them.

For some reason people like to confide in me… for better or worse I guess since I think it’s a rather bad idea (not necessarily that I’m a bad person to confide in, more that I don’t think it’s a great thing to share any secret you don’t want to get out)… and I realized that I will absolutely keep confidences for people I think are doing the right thing, or doing something for the right reasons.  I get that sometimes you can’t do both and you just have to do your best.  And I respect that.

And since I am someone who needs to talk things through I respect that need in others.

I just think you need to pick your secret keeper carefully.  The most important trait that I can think of it’s this… make sure you pick someone who understands why the secret needs to be kept.

And that’s some of the best advice I can give.



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