cures for insomnia

July 26, 2010

One of my co-workers has insomnia.  I feel her pain.  I’ve done the insomnia thing over and over again.

I found it rather humorous that she couldn’t figure out what was causing her insomnia… what with the whole new job, new office, new co-workers, new boss, more school, long commute, kids, husband, house thing.  It’s not like she has anything going on in her life.

Personally I am a fan of white noise as a way to deal with the swirling demon that is insomnia.  Then there are those who swear by Benadryl.  Or maybe some valerian root – why yes I did watch Fight Club last night, what makes you ask?

But the hive mind of our office decided that she should try exercise before bed… maybe some pilates or yoga.

I hope it helps.

Insomnia sucks.


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