why did I do that?

July 29, 2010

I just bought another computer.

My best friend has a main computer that has been dying for a year and yet she can’t make herself replace it until it is completely dead…. feel free to go through the entire “mostly dead” scene from Monty Python.

But I currently have a fully functioning desk top, a perfectly good laptop with a nice, large screen…. and I just purchased a 10 inch netbook style laptop.


Not a flipping clue.

I must have emotional issues when it comes to computer.

I might even be able to blame this on my father who brought our first computer home as soon as he could afford to (1983 for those who are curious)…  the Apple IIe.

Must have computer… must have multiple computers…

Issues, I tell you.  Emotional issues that are bound up in technology.

and now I have to think of what to name it…




2 Responses to “why did I do that?”

  1. clara Says:

    If I buy another computer (and I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!) it would be a small netbook style laptop. But I’m not going to. Nope. I have two computers already.

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