It’s better not to forbid yourself

July 30, 2010

I used to smoke.  Occasional bouts of chain-smoking brought on by stress, usually of the work variety.

Thanks to my beloved Ally I have rather expensive taste in cigarettes.

Nat Sherman is actually a cigar company first so they get first cut of tobacco products.  The cigarettes are both expensive and really good.

I have an ancient pack that I have kept since my last smoke back when I was still working retail on the weekends.  Yes, the cigarettes are stale but they are still ready to be smoked.

You see, I’ve quit but I’m also aware that I might want a cigarette in a future time of stress and I’m not saying that I will not smoke again.

By being open to that possibility, it makes not smoking so much easier.

It’s not forbidden, it’s just something I don’t do anymore.

I took my cigarettes to work today, I didn’t smoke but it was nice to have them with me.



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