It was bound to happen…

August 7, 2010

At the auction today I bought a large box of crazy.  For a lot of money.

The box was full of scarves and purses and miscellaneous stuff from a trunk that apparently came from the estate of Jane Wyatt.

Don’t know who Jane Wyatt is?  That’s okay – I had to look her up too.

She was in Father Knows Best but I know her as Spock’s mother from the Original Star Trek.

Now really all I wanted were the handkerchiefs and I thought the box might go for between $50 and $75 but it went for $130 with me as the high bidder.


I know.

Be quiet.

Besides – there was a guy who was eyeing my box before it went on the block… a dealer I see all the time.  He just wanted one piece.  He said he wouldn’t bid against me if I really wanted it but that he would like that particular piece.  I didn’t care so I said yes.  He gave me $50 for it.  So I got the box for $80 plus fees and taxes etc.  So at least there was that.  And may I just say that talking with people can lead to good things.

So now I have this huge box of stuff and I really don’t plan on using most of it.

I’m thinking lots and lots of Ebay or Vintage Etsy.  I really need to research some of this stuff.  There’s a silk Liberty of London Scarf.  An Yves St Laurent scarf.  Oh and a cocktail dress of sorts by Ungaro.

It’s this big block of fabric that ties at the top and is stitched a bit at the sides.  If I was a size 6 I would so keep it but I’m not so I’m going to sell it.

I did find a copy of cardigans that while small still work for me.

But mostly I’m going to be selling this stuff off.

Any ideas how I should go about doing that?

Someone remind me not to buy lots of stuff again… okay?




2 Responses to “It was bound to happen…”

  1. clara Says:

    There must be sites that specialize in selling Star Trek souvenirs/stuff. That would be the best audience.

  2. […] I’ve already told you a little bit about the box… […]

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