I wonder about red wine in the 80’s

August 20, 2010

I’m watching disc one of season one of Matt Houston.

I remember watching this show when it was first run.  I liked it, my mom liked it, it was fun.

It’s fun watching old shows again.  Very nostalgic and the show is actually still really fun.  Crazy, but fun.

The thing that gets me is the restaurant scene that’s in almost every show.  They eat at Mama Novelli’s restaurant and are always drinking red wine.

Fine.  Great.  I’m drinking red wine right now.

But in the show I look at these wine glasses, these very 80’s small balloon glasses and all I can see is cherry koolaid.

The color is so watered down, so far from even the Beaujolais of Spring that it completely throws me.  I don’t know what they were thinking.  But then it’s not like I was drinking wine in the 80’s show how would I know what it looked like.

Yes – these are things I spend time thinking about…. who among you is surprised by this?



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