The internet hates me

August 24, 2010

So there was a special mid-week mid-level art auction at Clar’s today.

Almost 300 pieces of art.  Most starting at $25.

I got there early enough to get my card and look at everything twice.  I picked out a few pieces that I wanted.

Yes – there was a theme to the stuff I liked and even the auctioneer mentioned it.  But the thing is that I was the first bid and I was in the room but each and every time the internet bidders would kick in and just take the price WAY above what I was willing to spend.




After the first two pieces I would bid and then just stare at the computer on stage and wait for the picture to be taken away.

I’m telling you the internet hates me.

I didn’t get a single piece at the auction.  Which is strange to me because usually I have VERY off taste and the fact that someone else and in most cases a few people wanted the same thing that I did was a bit of a shock.

One of the people at the auction said maybe I had a doppelgänger out there buying our art.

My only comment on that is that if there is a doppelgänger then the question becomes “which of us is the evil twin?”

Here are the other pieces I didn’t win…



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