Work today was all about putting out fires.

Crazy, wacky, I don’t know how that happened but okay let’s deal with the situation we are in right this moment fires.

Sort of all those things that end up in the “and other tasks as assigned” line of my job description.

Now as bad as that sounds I must say…  if you just embrace the wackiness and don’t think about how you got there then the adventure of unraveling these things can be fun.

And plus you might meet some cool people along the way.

Now my very favorite new friend is a delightfully wicked / brilliant woman who works in HR in another department.  I need to buy her coffee because she is more full of win than anyone I’ve met in ages.

But the best STORY from today’s madcap adventures has to do with some keys.

So keys were order and keys were made but one form wasn’t filled out and sent to the right people.  So that was a problem.

But then I started digging.  And so yes – keys created, Cynthia remembers getting them and logging them but not giving them away but she must have because she doesn’t have them anymore.

Charles cut the keys and remember the keys and the order but he gave them to Cynthia so he doesn’t have them.

Now Charles and Cynthia are AWESOME people.  If it weren’t for the key madness I never would have met them.  And as a bonus when everything gets resolved tomorrow I get to actually meet my friend Tracie that I only know from phone and email.

So one with the key story… I just wanted to tell you about my new friends first.

There I was at my desk and I’m talking to Charles and he tells me what he knows and I’m talking to Cynthia and she tells me what she knows and I’m talking to all of my people and we are all looking for these keys like it’s the treasure from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”…  To no avail.

Finally – I go to Cynthia so I can see the scene of the crime as it were – the last place the keys were before the disappearance.  And we look and we talk and finally we accept … I swear it was like stages of grief.  And finally we decide to have another key cut and then we will figure out if we need to do a re-key.

Cynthia has the hook-up so she called the lock shop and talks to a manager.





Because they didn’t have the proper paperwork, he thought they were a mistake and took them from Cynthia’s desk to figure out what was supposed to happen to them.

We get them tomorrow.

And now I have new friends who have been through an adventure with me.

I’m following Jenn the Birthday Girl’s advice and looking on the bright side… because it’s better in the long run to put things in a positive spin if you can.  You know… so you don’t go mad.



feeling guilty over a tshirt

September 29, 2010

In my own opinion, I looked rather good today.

Not that I was particularly well dressed or anything.  We are still hip deep in our summer around here and it’s been sauna hot in the office.  So today I wore a pair of simple brown pants, brown sandal wedges and a short-sleeved v-neck t-shirt in scarlet red.

Like I said, simple, but it worked.  I looked good.

But I felt guilty ALL FLIPPING DAY.

Why?  Because no matter now good I look in deep red… the amount of time I have lived in, gone to and worked at UC Berkeley has insured that I can never comfortably wear red again.

It’s sad.

But I can’t seem to stop myself.  Even though Hanna assured me that on a Wednesday in September there is nothing wrong with wearing red.

Even so… I feel better now that I’m at home and wearing purple.

Yes – I know it’s insane but no one is really surprised… right?


Have you ever thought about something and then figured out how to make it… constructed it and it came out just how you wanted it?  Just the way you imagined it?

It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I’m currently buzzing with joy over my latest creation…

Army green is a fantastic neutral and the lime green lattice pattern is just fun… then I used hot pink cheetah print for the lining.  Oh and the pockets on the inside… yeah – I used the reverse side of the outer fabric so it’s a lime green base with army green lattice.

So cool!!!

I love it when a plan comes together.

This being said … I should not be as thrilled with my own creation as I am considering that I make and sell them to other people… unless this is what the other people feel like when they get one of my bags.


creating a new dessert

September 27, 2010

Jenn’s birthday is on Thursday.  And she wants a chocolate apple dessert.

So I started thinking… I could do the Apple Bavarian Tart if I could convince Mom to give up the recipe… but she knows how much Jenn helps me at work so she’d say yes… but Jenn doesn’t like creamy things to the creamy layer would be bad….  thought in this moment – what if I did a painted chocolate layer over the crust and then lay down the apples…. that has merits.

Then I looked for various recipes before realizing i could just mix and match whatever I want and create a new dessert.  I was thinking about a chocolate cupcake that I hollow out and fill with macerated cinnamon apple chunks and top with a fudge sauce / frosting.

Then I started wondering about maybe doing a brownie and topping THAT with macerated cinnamon apple chunks.

I have until Monday to come up with something.

This should be interesting.


I bought shoes today.

Shoes I’ve been looking at online for 3 days.

They are impractical shoes to say the least.

Ally saw them and said… “those look dangerous.”

I don’t deny it.

But I need them.

I must have them.

So I ordered them.

Is that so wrong?

I think of it as supporting the economy.

Besides – I think they are beautiful.


too many customer cards

September 24, 2010

I have an ugly collection of customer reward cards that I’ve been carrying around in my wallet for FAR too long.

While I use my Safeway card all the time and get a lot out of it, I can’t say that the rest of them are all that helpful.

They seem like useful things when I sign up for them but really – needing to carry them in my wallet for some possible / future benefit is not really working for me.

I don’t think these cards are really getting me to go to these stores more often, or spend more money… so are they really useful?

I tried to go online and update my profile for my cards so that if necessary I could just give my phone number and not actually carry them around.  Some were easy to update and some were close to impossible.  At that point i just gave up.

I might keep a list of numbers in my palm pilot but that’s it.

They are out of my wallet now.  And good riddens.

Now I need to work on using up the gift cards that I’m keeping in there.


when someone wants a cupcake

September 23, 2010

Liane wants cupcakes.

She’s wanted them for a while.

Lucky for her, her birthday is this weekend.

So… red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I must say – the trick to an excellent cream cheese frosting is to beat it LONG past the point that you think you should.

Heather and Will give them a thumbs up.

Tomorrow Liane will eat them all up.

And all I need to do is clean up the kitchen.

I should take a moment to tell a silly story about the baking of these cupcakes.  I picked up the buttermilk and cream cheese etc on Wednesday so that I could just come home and makes the cupcakes.  The one thing I didn’t realize I was missing (because I stopped using it in my coffee a few months ago) was white sugar.

I had to go to the grocery store and be mocked by Vanessa for coming back since I had been in earlier getting mineral water.

On the plus side Vanessa said lovely things about my cooking.  And that always feels good.  The girl behind me in line was very impressed that I was going to make red velvet cupcakes.

And now that it’s all done… I’m going to bed.