What did I just watch?

September 2, 2010

You ever have a moment where you know you just watched a great movie but the only thought that stays with you as the credits roll is “WHAT DID I JUST WATCH?”

I’m having that moment right now.

The movie is called “The Loved One” and it’s a very interesting film.  Beyond that you have to love a dvd that comes with the extra feature “Trying to Offend Everyone”.

The movie might be offensive, it’s clearly insane but more than that it REFUSES to talk down to the audience.  If you don’t get it then that’s really just too bad.

There is no way that anyone thought about how much money this would make or playing to any given audience.  This was about making a fantastic movie.

All in all, I’d say it works.

I must say it’s definitely worth watching.



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