Lux Radio Theater

September 17, 2010

I’m beginning to really understand the appeal of old-time radio shows.

It started with the three episodes of The Lives of Harry Lime that were included on the Criterion edition of The Third Man.

Then when I was watching the Criterion edition of The 39 Steps, I found an extra of the Lux Radio Theater version of the movie.

Now I’m hooked.  And how awesome is it that I was able to find a whole stash of the radio shows on the interwebs?  All kinds of movies, a lot with the original stars, done as radio plays in 60 minutes.

I love these kinds of things.



2 Responses to “Lux Radio Theater”

  1. thegabbingmind Says:

    I love old time radio! Am a bit of a podcast addict so get all my audio drama through those. I find them so much more enjoyable than tv – somehow audio theater seems more vivid than actual picture. Recently I listened to “Dark Shadows” and I’d really recommend it. Also “Our Miss Brooks” is also always a good laugh. What shows are your favourites? You should try some of the more modern audio-drama producers too. Radio drama revival, Prometheus Radio Theater, Icebox Radio Theater and The Sonic Society all have some really good pieces from a whole range of themes. Sorry I have kind of gone on a bit here – revealing my audio addiction & radio geekery I suppose. Am enjoying reading your blog so just wanted to say hi 🙂

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      I must admit that I LOVE noir mysteries as radio shows. I’m really looking forward to listening to Dark Corner since I really liked the movie. Thanks for the list of revivals – I’m going to poke around and kick their tires… I love learning about new things.

      And there is NOTHING wrong with any kind of geekery. It makes the world more interesting!!!

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