How many until I’m collecting them?

September 18, 2010

Winnie and I went to the Vintage Expo at the San Francisco Concourse Exposition Center today.

Winnie actual wears a lot of vintage stuff.  Mostly I just like to get ideas for things I might someday be able to replicate if I get the right skills.

I mean seriously – most vintage fashion is not in my size.  It’s best just to browse and get past it.  Because if you dwell on the fact that you can’t fit into anything you’ll just get depressed.

But I spent enough time wandering around to find something.  A very cute little jumper dress with some fantastic wrap detailing.  It’s black, white, and yellow.  I plan on wearing it to work this winter… a LOT.

And then while Winnie bought as many gloves, purses and shoes as she could I tried on a few more things and found something I just couldn’t walk away from.

A mink collared coat.  (Specifically a long, single breasted, mink collared coat.)

My second.  Since I bought my first one at an auction a few months ago.  (Specifically a red, double-breasted swing coat with a mink collar.)

My mother is thrilled by this new development… not because she cares about the mink one way or another but because none of these purchases have been black so far.

I’m just wondering how many of these things I’m going to buy before I manage to stop myself.

A: How many mink collared coats does a girl need?

B: How much garbage am I going to get for wearing a mink collared coat in the Bay Area?

C: Does any of this really matter because these are some seriously beautiful coats.



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