too many customer cards

September 24, 2010

I have an ugly collection of customer reward cards that I’ve been carrying around in my wallet for FAR too long.

While I use my Safeway card all the time and get a lot out of it, I can’t say that the rest of them are all that helpful.

They seem like useful things when I sign up for them but really – needing to carry them in my wallet for some possible / future benefit is not really working for me.

I don’t think these cards are really getting me to go to these stores more often, or spend more money… so are they really useful?

I tried to go online and update my profile for my cards so that if necessary I could just give my phone number and not actually carry them around.  Some were easy to update and some were close to impossible.  At that point i just gave up.

I might keep a list of numbers in my palm pilot but that’s it.

They are out of my wallet now.  And good riddens.

Now I need to work on using up the gift cards that I’m keeping in there.



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