creating a new dessert

September 27, 2010

Jenn’s birthday is on Thursday.  And she wants a chocolate apple dessert.

So I started thinking… I could do the Apple Bavarian Tart if I could convince Mom to give up the recipe… but she knows how much Jenn helps me at work so she’d say yes… but Jenn doesn’t like creamy things to the creamy layer would be bad….  thought in this moment – what if I did a painted chocolate layer over the crust and then lay down the apples…. that has merits.

Then I looked for various recipes before realizing i could just mix and match whatever I want and create a new dessert.  I was thinking about a chocolate cupcake that I hollow out and fill with macerated cinnamon apple chunks and top with a fudge sauce / frosting.

Then I started wondering about maybe doing a brownie and topping THAT with macerated cinnamon apple chunks.

I have until Monday to come up with something.

This should be interesting.



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