feeling guilty over a tshirt

September 29, 2010

In my own opinion, I looked rather good today.

Not that I was particularly well dressed or anything.  We are still hip deep in our summer around here and it’s been sauna hot in the office.  So today I wore a pair of simple brown pants, brown sandal wedges and a short-sleeved v-neck t-shirt in scarlet red.

Like I said, simple, but it worked.  I looked good.

But I felt guilty ALL FLIPPING DAY.

Why?  Because no matter now good I look in deep red… the amount of time I have lived in, gone to and worked at UC Berkeley has insured that I can never comfortably wear red again.

It’s sad.

But I can’t seem to stop myself.  Even though Hanna assured me that on a Wednesday in September there is nothing wrong with wearing red.

Even so… I feel better now that I’m at home and wearing purple.

Yes – I know it’s insane but no one is really surprised… right?



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