I really was going to go see the Hubbard Street Dance Company tonight.  And if I had pushed I could have done it but I would have been exhausted and unable to focus and really appreciate the dance.

Which sucks because I did want to see them.  But sometimes schedules just don’t match up.  And really Beowulf was more important.

Today I had a ton of errands that needed to be completed and the Very Postmortem exhibit was leaving the Legion after this weekend.  So I needed to go and I also still needed to see the Japanesque exhibit.

Between going to the Legion for the first time (and oh WOW is that a cool museum) and the errands… even though I got home in time to turn around and go see really fantastic dance… my body would not let me leave.

Sleep… that’s what I need.  Lots of sleep.



a night of EPIC poetry

October 29, 2010

Tonight in the Zellerbach Playhouse I watched some EPIC old English poetry being recited by the amazing Benjamin Bagby accompanying himself on an Anglo-Saxon harp.

It was AWESOME.  Completely engaging.  90 minutes of storytelling on a grand scale.  Not dry recitation of a dead language but a spirited telling of a tale so grand that it transcended language.  Thankfully there were super-titles translating everything because Old English is astoundingly incomprehensible.

And I love that it was a packed house and that there were 3 curtain calls… for BEOWULF!

Also – I was considered to be the younger generation which was a nice switch.  The people were marvelous.  I had a funny chat with the people sitting around me about the possibility of fund-raising with limited edition Grendel arms complete with blood dripping in a fountain or something like that.  They thought entry way and dining room but I think it should go over the doorbell.

Then I chatted with a lovely woman outside the theater about translations and the dvd and other odds and ends.

It was a lovely evening.


Daylight Saving Time doesn’t happen until November 7th instead of at the end of October like it used to… and my body feels like the time is just off.  Years of conditioning I guess.  Or maybe I’m just not getting enough sleep all around.

And seriously if they are just going to do the whole daylight saving time thing from Early November through mid-March should we even bother to do it at all?

Just pick a time already.

We do it to save energy / oil.  At least that’s the plan.  No one has actually figured out if it works or not.  In fact some people say it doesn’t work at all… that it wastes energy.  But we can wait for more science before we even contemplate that.

So mostly it just messes with our heads.  I’m just happy I don’t work weekends anymore because dealing with a time change when you have to go to work that day … SUCKED!

I’m going to sleep.


transparency in filmmaking

October 27, 2010

So I’m watching this low-budget sci-fi film made by the SyFy channel back when they were the Sci-Fi channel.  It’s called Darklight.

Now while I thought this was a fun movie and a great way to spend a little time I do not believe it to be great cinema and I have no desire to own it and watch it over and over again.

But what makes this disc fantastic is the commentary.  The co-writer and the director actually sat down and discussed what worked and what didn’t.

It is so refreshing to hear someone admit that things didn’t turn out perfect.  That there are some things that if they could go back with 20/20 hindsight they would change / fix / jettison.  It made me appreciate the movie all the more.

It ties into something that was said during /Filmcast: After Dark 120 where they discuss what makes a good film commentary.  I totally agree that if it is possible to do the commentary after some time has passed you get a much better perspective on the film as a whole.

Sometimes mistakes are made and if you want to be forgiven…. sometimes all you have to do is ask.


Raining and Pouring

October 26, 2010

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t have anything to do all you want is to have a full dance card?

And when you are booked solid all you want is time to yourself.  Lots and lots of time to yourself?

It never seems to be that perfect balance.  It always seems to be all one or the other.

I’ve got class on Sunday.  I’m running an errand with Rosie on Saturday Morning and I want to try to go to the last day of the embalming exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor on Saturday as well…. please don’t let it be raining.  And between now and then I think I’d like to see the Beowulf performance piece at Zellerbach.  Oh and maybe go see a movie.

Does someone want to tell me why all these things need to happen in the next 5 days?

Can’t I just kick back and relax and do NOTHING?

Of course if I had nothing to do I’d be complaining about it.

Contrarian that I am.


So the other day when I was talking to Natalie the Wine Merchant she told me this fantastic Sangria tip.

Which is great because I love Sangria but really did I need to get this tip after the heat wave broke and fall has fallen with cool weather and slick rain.

But the second the heat comes back I’m using this tip…  add a can of Hansen’s Grapefruit Soda to your Sangria for sparkle and a great kick of citrus.

Such a great idea.  Can’t wait to use it…. now if I could just get a few more tips for mulled wine.


It’s been an interesting day.

I ran errands.  I wanted to hibernate but errands need to be done so I did them.

Starting with getting a pedicure.  The green was awesome but it’s been too long and the nails needed a change.  So I did that then off to errands all over the place.

Due to the pedicure I was running said errands in flip-flops.  And as I have mentioned before I love flip-flops.  I would like to qualify that statement after today’s events.  I love flip-flops but not in the rain.  I slipped and fell on a slick metal grate.  I grazed my knee and I totally destroyed the polish on my right big toe and the next two over.

I continued to do my errands and once they were all done I rushed back home so I could get back to Narcissus to see if they would redo the polish on my big toe.

Turns out they were open and were totally willing to deal with my poor toes.  In fact – instead of just fixing the two toes I’d messed up, they cleaned my feet up, removed all the polish on both feet, and started from scratch.  They weren’t even going to charge me for the fixing.  They were just continuing the service I had already purchased.  So I tipped more.  After all… they were marvelous.

Then despite still being in flip-flops and it still raining I had to go to the grocery store.  Because I needed milk for my morning coffee.

Vanessa was there and she was so sweet when she worried about my inappropriate shoes and how wet I was because obviously I hadn’t thought through the whole errands in the rain thing.

At the store I also ran into the Wine Steward, Natalie.  I told her about how I saw $1.99 wine at Whole Foods yesterday and we talked.  She told me about a while she thought I would like.  Snapdragon blended red.

They were out on the shelf but she ran upstairs to see if she could find me some.

I bought a bottle, got home, made a pizza and opened the bottle.

It was amazingly awesome.  I had to call her and let her know how wonderful it was.

Today has been a day of personal customer service that has left me feeling wonderful and cared for and marvelous.

I hope you had a good day to.