notes on magazine subscriptions

October 4, 2010

So I got two letters today telling me to re-subscribe to a couple of magazines.

One I’m not planning on re-subscribing to so I wasn’t surprise to see the last notice written on the envelope.  Not that I’m really aware of when the subscription ends but it doesn’t matter since I’m not re-upping.

But the other one was Bon Appetit…

and I’m not letting go of that.  Since I know how to read the coding on magazine shiping labels I checked and you know what?  My subscription doesn’t end until 2013.  It’s 2010 now… in case you didn’t know… why would I renew a subscription that doesn’t expire until 2013?

Does that make sense to anyone?

How far out am I supposed to subscribe to a magazine?

If anyone knows, can they tell me?




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