two sides of a craft fair

October 6, 2010

On Saturday, while I was out running rambling errands, I decided to stop in on Knit-One-One’s October craft sale.  I didn’t really know what to expect but I liked what I saw.

The space was long and narrow with the tables on either side of the walk way.  And the various crafts were a nice assortment of styles and types.

But what was the most fun was that I walked in carrying my own bag and got a few compliments on it.  Which is always nice in that kind of setting.

Then I saw something that just made my day…

The people of King Bag Company of Oakland found the lovely folks of King Kovers, late of Oakland and liberated some of the fantastic vintage seat cover fabrics before the store closed it’s doors forever.

I actually got some of my first fabric from Elaine before I even knew how to sew.  Once of my first bags was for her as a gift for letting me buy some remnants from the shop.  The owners of King Bag and I chatted about the wonder that was King Kovers.  It was fantastic to know that he got the sign too… the legend lives on.

As I was heading out a woman who made jewelry asked about my necklace.  It was one that Alyson had made specifically for me.  Just Celtic knots of German silver.  I love the basic, beautiful simplicity of it.

Anyway this woman wanted to see it.  She asked who made it, she thought it was one person but it was Alyson.  She thought she used a jig to make the curves… nope she did it from scratch, just with the skill of her hands.

I mentioned that I love having something no one has… to which she responded that she was going to go home and try to make it herself.

How very sweet… don’t you think?

Anyway – it was nice to go to a craft fair and get kudos for my own stuff.

that’s all,




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