When it rains it pours

October 9, 2010

Today was a busy day.

I went to the auction in the morning and after deciding what I wanted and putting in my absentee bids I headed off to sewing class at Stone Mountain and Daughter… Sewing Knits 1 with Terry McClintock.  AMAZING!  The women in the class were great, the projects were fantastic, Terry is an amazing teacher and I made a t-shirt.  4 fantastic hours!

Then Bernie and Becky picked me up and we went to dinner and a show.

Dinner was at Saturn Cafe.  I wouldn’t have gone on my own since I’m weary of a vegetarian restaurant that makes so many fake meat items.  But it’s a new veggie restaurant and Becky’s a vegetarian… so it made sense.  And I’m glad I did.  The food was very good.  I’m sure the beer helped.

After dinner we headed to Zellerbach to see Circus Oz

These people are FUN!  Like super fun…. what regular fun wants to be when it grows up.  The men are funny and the women are STRONG!  My favorite line from the whole night was from a monologue about how magic is about diverting attention while circus is about practicing so much that everyone can see you do something amazing… and the line was this…

“In the circus, if you can’t be good be funny.  If you can’t be funny… be fast.”

FANTASTIC NIGHT!  Fantastic Day.

Tired tired tired

sleep now



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