in which we discuss conspicuous consumption

October 11, 2010

At the auction this weekend there were huge lots of books and music.  The auctioneer explained that most were from the estate of a lawyer who seemed to collect books and classical music.  Which is fine.  Really good… in fact I approve.

But here’s the thing that got to me.  Most of the books and cds etc…. were never opened.  The books never had the spines cracked, the bulk of the cds were still in their wrapping.

Buying just for the buy… collecting just to have and not to enjoy.

It seriously horrifies me.

It also begs the question…  Is it hording if you actually have the bookshelf space for your stuff?

Now in the interest of full disclosure… I have a LOT of stuff but I’m rather active in my use of said stuff.  I can’t handle having so many things that NEVER get used.  Not even once a year at Thanksgiving.

Yeah – this is going to stay with me for a while.



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