that’s gonna bruise

October 20, 2010

I gave blood today.

I was really good.  I ate breakfast and lunch… both in a timely manner.  I drank tons of water so my veins would be close to the surface for easy removal of my blood.

I got to the Red Cross Center early…. passing a guy recruiting people to donate to the Red Cross half way there.  I told him I couldn’t stop, I had to go give blood.  I think I might have made his day.

I answered the questions.  I’m boring boring boring so yeah I can give blood.

Then the phlebotomist puts in the needle and it hurts.

Now I know enough to know that it hurts when they don’t get the needle right in the vein.

And low and behold… my blood is not flowing very fast.  When they get the needle in right … it takes maybe 2 minute to donate a pint of blood.  But this time…. drip drip drip.  It was not the greatest experience.

When she finally noticed that it was taking a while… I commented that something most be wrong because normally I have a very good / quick flow of blood.

To finish off the test tubes at the end she actually pressed down above the needle and the blood flowed more rabidly.

There was something incredible unnerving about the push button / blood flow thing.

But it’s done now.

And I know that tomorrow I’m going to have a bruise.

Oh well… I saved up to three lives so I guess it’s worth it.



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