Candi’s Words of Wisdom

October 22, 2010

Candi’s most recent quotable was this at lunch… “If it glows… it goes.”  This was related to appliances not allowed in dorm rooms.  But that’s another story and you should really ask her.

But I think her best comment was made in passing when I was in a low moment.  It’s easier and more likely to find optimism at the bottom of a bottle of cheap wine.  Expensive wine is gone and you might not get any more.  But there’s always another bottle of cheap wine.

Maybe not that brand of cheap red wine but you get the idea.

I am feeling more optimistic these days, which is nice.

And I’m finding more cheap red wine out in the world.  Safeway has their own brand and I just came across $1.99 wine at Whole Foods of all places.

So the world is brimming with optimism and cheap wine, it’s the weekend and I get to sleep as much as I want.  It’s a good night.

sleep well



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