a night of EPIC poetry

October 29, 2010

Tonight in the Zellerbach Playhouse I watched some EPIC old English poetry being recited by the amazing Benjamin Bagby accompanying himself on an Anglo-Saxon harp.

It was AWESOME.  Completely engaging.  90 minutes of storytelling on a grand scale.  Not dry recitation of a dead language but a spirited telling of a tale so grand that it transcended language.  Thankfully there were super-titles translating everything because Old English is astoundingly incomprehensible.

And I love that it was a packed house and that there were 3 curtain calls… for BEOWULF!

Also – I was considered to be the younger generation which was a nice switch.  The people were marvelous.  I had a funny chat with the people sitting around me about the possibility of fund-raising with limited edition Grendel arms complete with blood dripping in a fountain or something like that.  They thought entry way and dining room but I think it should go over the doorbell.

Then I chatted with a lovely woman outside the theater about translations and the dvd and other odds and ends.

It was a lovely evening.



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