somedays you just can’t do it all

October 30, 2010

I really was going to go see the Hubbard Street Dance Company tonight.  And if I had pushed I could have done it but I would have been exhausted and unable to focus and really appreciate the dance.

Which sucks because I did want to see them.  But sometimes schedules just don’t match up.  And really Beowulf was more important.

Today I had a ton of errands that needed to be completed and the Very Postmortem exhibit was leaving the Legion after this weekend.  So I needed to go and I also still needed to see the Japanesque exhibit.

Between going to the Legion for the first time (and oh WOW is that a cool museum) and the errands… even though I got home in time to turn around and go see really fantastic dance… my body would not let me leave.

Sleep… that’s what I need.  Lots of sleep.



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