Open and Shut

November 30, 2010

As I was walking up Telegraph from Ashby today I noticed that Locanda da Eve had closed.

It was only open for about 4 months.  I think it might have been rent but also that spot can’t hold a restaurant at all.  Too far from everything but Alta Bates which means they don’t have a particularly brisk dinner trade.

This is yet another storefront to close up recently.  Sharks closed it’s doors on Telegraph and Dwight – that was rent but they are owned by the same people as Mars Mercantile so the presence is still there.  Beard Papa closed on the corner of Channing and Telegraph… to be replaced by a gourmet ice cream sandwich shop… SERIOUSLY?  That’s going to make enough money to pay the rent?

The strange little clothing / lingerie store across the street from them is about to become a High Happy Herb Shop?  No comment except to say that I’m betting that I can’t fresh dill there.

I’m never going to understand the coming and goings… what makes money and what doesn’t.  But I’d rather have strange shops open for a moment than these perpetually empty storefronts because that just feels wasteful and sad.

oh well… ice cream sandwiches.



I made a dress!!!

November 29, 2010

So this weekend I finally got around to using one of the patterns I picked up at the White Elephant sale in Oakland.

I made the dress… 4th from the left.

It turned out pretty well.  I got a lot of compliments when I wore it today.

I described the color to someone as “grape soda” and I think that’s pretty accurate.

For work today I wore it with a lacy, black camisole, a black cardigan, black tights and my black boots.  Very much my style and completely in my color scheme.

There is something to be said for making your own clothes.

I should do this some more.

Except for the part where I’ve picked up a pattern that is missing its instruction sheet…. and the company appears to have gone out of business.

Anyone have instructions for Style Made Easy 2117 by Style Patterns Ltd?  Because that might be next.

It should be hilarious to see what I end up making without instructions… for only my second dress… EVER.


The problem with taking a whole week off work is that you lose track of the days.  I had several moments today where I wasn’t entirely sure if it was Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

My sleep cycle is completely wacked.  I go to bed insanely late and wake up even later.  I have no set schedule.  I’m getting projects done but not in a structured way.

Going back to work on Monday is going to be horrible.

But that’s not my only conundrum of the day.

I’ve spent hours wondering about the logic of buying silver snow boots… instead of black.

I own so many pairs of black boots.  I feel like I should try other colors but I can’t figure out if I would actually wear silver boots.


Thoughts?  Feelings? Ideas?



I don’t give a lot of gifts bought from stores.  So the idea of “Black Friday” kind of freaks me out.  One too many years in retail.  Besides…  it’s not like I really need anything these days.

Today I slept in.  I ate leftover turkey and stuffing and potatoes.  And I created, pulled together, designed, and burned off the Christmas CD for 2010.  My gift of choice to friends and family during the holiday season.

This year the cd is all Christmas music from different places… sung in anything other than English.

I think my favorite might be the Finnish “Tonttu” … I have no idea what it’s about but it sounds so cool.

Now I just need to figure out how many of these things I have to burn…  Then I need to get them into cards and mailed out to all those friends and families.

All in all… a FANTASTIC day!


in which we are thankful

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a look at the madness of this year’s meal…

I made pie dough but instead of finishing that off and baking a couple of pumpkin pies I decided to make this create this necklace instead.

I’ll make pie tomorrow.

Many thanks for all the millions of things for which I am thankful!


Hello Princess

November 24, 2010

subtitle: in which we discuss appellations

So the other day when I was shopping in Union Square I went into the new Disney Store on Post.  I didn’t really want anything there… but a friend had asked me to look in and think happy Disney thoughts for her.  Every single sales associate greeted me with “Hello Princess”.

Now my mother can get away with jokingly referring to me as “Princess Quite A Lot” but in all honesty I have no desire to be a princess.  Nor have I ever wanted to be a Lady… I’m so much more of a Dame.  Ladies are born or married into their title but Dames…. Dames earn it on their own.

So thanks but you can keep your princess title… it’s not like it actually comes with a jewel encrusted circlet because if it did then I might be more interested in the whole thing.

The day was saved by the two shoe salesmen in different department stores greeted me as Miss.  Not Ma’am but Miss.  Totally made my day… a lot more than the rather phony and forced “Princess” thing.

And now to get that bad saccharine taste out of my mouth and possible yours I give you Zombie Disney…


My new sewing toys

November 23, 2010

I saw it on a few weeks ago and it started me thinking about the strange sewing stuffed animal my mom had but that I never actually saw being used.  Which is strange because my mom irons more than anyone I’ve ever met.

Since I have supposedly started to sew things or at least started working on it… I decided I need a tailor’s ham.  I thought I would just call mom and ask for hers.  It’s not like she’s using it.  So what if it was dull and vaguely ugly.  It was perfectly usable and in the house… right?

Yeah – not so much.  Apparently it went to a rummage sale.  Just my luck.

So I searched around online and all I found were dull ugly … dare I say DREARY tailor hams.  If I have to buy one of these things I want it to be pretty.

So I went where people who want beautiful tailor ham / steam roll sets go… to the Cupcake Goddess.

Unfortunately the wonderous Sunni was sold out but I thought it was worth a shot so I sent her a note through Etsy and asked for a custom set… maybe with greens.

She said yes…. wanna see what I got?

Aren’t they beautiful?  Aren’t I a lucky girl?  And how flipping cute is her packaging?  My sewing teacher is actually jealous and how cool is that?

Sunni is a wonder.  If you sew… you should at least think about looking at her store.

Besides… Sunni is good people.  And it’s always worth while to meet good people.