like minded folk

November 4, 2010

My lunch partner bailed on me … most likely due to sickness.  But I made the best of it.

I had to call around her department to verify that I hadn’t missed her / that she was actually out.

Claire had dealt with me and a math mistake I had made before so I thought I’d try her.  She was awesome and I got to find out that I wasn’t being avoided, my friend was home sick.  And I got to talk to Claire who shares a similar taste in bad movies with me.

Of course we started talking about good movies.  She’s a big fan of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis… and really, who can blame her?

From there we started discussing the movie(s) and original book She: A History of Adventure.

I’ve seen the 1935 version…

but Claire speaks highly (in that “I can NOT believe I watching this” kind of way) of the 1982 version.

I’m going to have to check that out.  It’s too strange not to… oh and I’m so going to read the original book now.

I love making new friends.




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