Hanna’s Chair

November 8, 2010

I decided that it was a little wrong that Hanna (a student who works for my boss… yeah – I sign her time-sheets but really… I refuse to deal with the idea that she works for me.  It’s just a signature thing…) had to perch on the corner of a filing cabinet that I rarely ever used when she came to ask me question.

I needed a chair.  And I really didn’t like the dinky little office chair that was available so at the Saturday auction I looked around for something that would work.  Something comfortable and nice but that would fit in my strange little office.

I found a couple of chairs but nothing that was just right.  Then I decided on this little tufted boudoir chair.

It’s a little low to the ground but it’s super comfortable and really cute.

And most importantly…

Hanna likes it.

and that’s the story of the chair.



4 Responses to “Hanna’s Chair”

  1. Clara Says:

    That chair is fantastic!

  2. Hanna Says:

    That Hanna is fantastic!

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