the eggnog is here

November 11, 2010

The eggnog is on the shelves… more importantly eggnog lattes have returned.

eBay actually has a count down to xmas… how messed up is that/

What am I supposed to do with this information?

I think the best thing about winnowing down the friends I really pay attention to is that the reverse Christmas list gets smaller and smaller.

What on Earth am I supposed to get people?  Isn’t there enough junk in our lives?  Do we really need to crowd more things in?

Clara actually asked for food for her birthday so she wouldn’t have to figure out how to store something else.  God love my beloved Clara.

I have an idea for the xmas cd but I really don’t want to think about what to get my parents for the holidays.

I don’t think this is the festive spirit.  When will that hit the shelves?


PS – Happy Veterans Day – Thank you for my freedom… I don’t take it for granted… and also for this fantastic holiday.  I enjoyed it greatly!


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