8.5 miles of errands

November 12, 2010

My legs are so TIRED!

I’ve been running errands all day.  After the realization yesterday that if I stay home all day all I do is eat.  So today I was going to get out of the apartment and keep moving.

It started off nice.  I caught up with Melissa at Elements of Style.  I worked for her back when I was in college.  I really didn’t need her daughter, who I ran into later in the day, to remind me that it was 16 years ago.  But it was good to chat with both of them.

I wandered in and out of shops on my way to try to get a 10 inch lazy Susan.  Unfortunately CVS didn’t have one… even at the big one on Pleasant Valley Road.

Heading back I stopped to get some bacon at the butcher in The Pasta Shop and then bread at the Bread Garden.  I had to go home to drop off the food then I went out again to ACE to price lazy Susans there.  No package at the post office, no lazy Susans at Tuesday Morning.  One final stop at Andronico’s for scallions, milk and wine and then I was finally home.

Oh how my legs protested the day’s activities.

I got on Map My Run and figured it out … I walked at least 8.5 miles.

That means I have every right to be tired.  It also means that I don’t feel so bad about the green onion and bacon macaroni and cheese I made once I rested a bit at home.

Still tired.



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