Meet Sophie

November 13, 2010

This is Sophie.

She’s my duct tape dress form…  made at Stone Mountain and Daughter with the amazing Nicole Vasbinder.

Sophie isn’t exactly perfect but she’s pretty damn close and it’s really great to be able to pin something together and see how it’s going to drape and fit on something resembling my form.

Technically I should have named her Casey since that was going to be my mother’s preferred name if I had any more siblings but Niko decided that she had to be a Sophie.

You really need to do the whole naming / dissociative thing with your body double to keep from being to pissed off about adding and removing inches etc.  Nicole actually talked about it in class.

She’s set up on a 12 inch kitchen turn table / efficiency Susan (because they really aren’t lazy) and then she sits on a stool.  So I can actually hem skirts etc.

And now back to sewing.



One Response to “Meet Sophie”

  1. Niko Says:

    Oh, I like Sophie…quite fitting.

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