Couture Emanuel Ungaro … what?

November 15, 2010

I’ve already told you a little bit about the box

Now let’s do an in-depth look at one of the prizes it held.

The label says Couture Emanuel Ungaro Paris.

So that’s impressive, right?

Now let’s try to figure out what this thing IS…

Looks like a dress at first glance, doesn’t it.

Except you need to really look at the hem…  notice how it kind of folds under?

Let’s look at it from the side.

Why yes… it does loop underneath… between the legs.  Does that make this a romper… couture maybe but STILL!

Let’s look at the other side, shall we?

The thing that is almost as strange as the not dress-ness of this garment is that I can wear it well and so can my much MUCH smaller best friend.  So what size is it?  I’m a 16, Ally’s a 6…. this thing defies sizing.

So how do I list this?  How on Earth do I sell something that I can’t even describe.

Help me interwebs… you’re my only hope.



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