good interview questions

November 16, 2010

I was eating lunch at D’yar yesterdaywhen two kids sat down at the next table and started talking about interview questions.

Having been through a WHOLE LOT of interviews in my day I was kind of interested in what they thought were important questions to ask and points to get across in that most important first interview out of college.

I thought it was interesting that one of them said that it’s not smart to ask too much about the person who is interviewing you because you should have already done that research and known that.

And they talked at length about making it appear that this is the job you want for ever and ever not just a job that you will jump from when something better comes along.  (good point… but does anyone stay in a job for ever and ever these days?)

When I finished my gyro plate with fries, I got up to leave but before I did I turned to them and interrupted with my thought on the important question to ask…

“Would you please walk me through a typical week?”  This will give you an overview of how many meetings you might need to attend.  Some places will put you in so many meetings you will have to work overtime (paid or unpaid – most likely unpaid) to get the work done for which you’ve been hired.

They liked my question a great deal.

I’m rather fond of it myself.

Do you have a favorite interview question?



One Response to “good interview questions”

  1. Niko Says:

    My favorite question is “please describe the accomplishment you’re most proud of and why?”

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