One Calendar to Rule Them All

November 17, 2010

I went to a Calendar Design Workshop today.

Well actually I helped set-up, checked people in and scribed for the thing as well as participating.  Bernie was running the show and when Bernie asks me to do something I tend to do it.  Even before she paid for part of my salary.

Besides – it was a fun way to network with people I wouldn’t normally meet in my day-to-day work.

Any-who … the discussion was about what we would like to see in our future online calendaring but also … what are we using now.

As a warm up exercise we went around the room and listed the various calendars and task trackers we use in our day-to-day / work and personal lives.

Sam made the truthful observation that we had more programs listed than we had people in the room.

Personally I use a paper date book, a paper to do list, a wall calendar,, Google Calendar, Palm calendar, and CalAgenda (UC Berkeley’s calendar system).

I would like something easier to use, more integrated, that tells me who put something on my calendar and when and something where I could see multiple people’s calendars at once, including my own.

Expressing this through drawings instead of words was and experience.

And then there was pizza.  And Bernie let us keep our pen sets!

All in all a great morning.

How was you day?



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