Garment Construction – day 1

November 20, 2010

Today was the first day of garment construction class at Stone Mountain and Daughter.

Here’s the class description:

202: Garment Construction Techniques

Seam finishing, hems, zippers, facings, pockets, darts, waistbands, buttons and buttonholes. These are the basic techniques you use over and over again in clothing construction. You will learn the steps that the pattern instructions omit, and gain deeper understanding of the skills you need to make high quality garments. The instructor will demonstrate each technique, and then you will do it yourself in class. Because you’ll have all your questions answered, knowledge of these techniques will stay with you.

Terry was teaching and I must say, she is one of my favorite teachers of all time.  I feel like I just absorb information from her.

Today we covered marking, interfacing, darts and seam finishes…  this is what I brought home…

Darts – both single and double point

Interfacing Sampler

Flat Felled Seam

Zigzag seam with each side finished with a zigzaged

French Seam – a personal favorite

Two straight stitches – simple and yet effective

Double zigzags – press to one side – easy as pecan pie

Hong Kong seams – never never never again

Serger seam…. I need to get myself a serger.

I am FULL of knowledge.  Classes are awesome.

I didn’t even mind walking home in the rain.



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