My new sewing toys

November 23, 2010

I saw it on a few weeks ago and it started me thinking about the strange sewing stuffed animal my mom had but that I never actually saw being used.  Which is strange because my mom irons more than anyone I’ve ever met.

Since I have supposedly started to sew things or at least started working on it… I decided I need a tailor’s ham.  I thought I would just call mom and ask for hers.  It’s not like she’s using it.  So what if it was dull and vaguely ugly.  It was perfectly usable and in the house… right?

Yeah – not so much.  Apparently it went to a rummage sale.  Just my luck.

So I searched around online and all I found were dull ugly … dare I say DREARY tailor hams.  If I have to buy one of these things I want it to be pretty.

So I went where people who want beautiful tailor ham / steam roll sets go… to the Cupcake Goddess.

Unfortunately the wonderous Sunni was sold out but I thought it was worth a shot so I sent her a note through Etsy and asked for a custom set… maybe with greens.

She said yes…. wanna see what I got?

Aren’t they beautiful?  Aren’t I a lucky girl?  And how flipping cute is her packaging?  My sewing teacher is actually jealous and how cool is that?

Sunni is a wonder.  If you sew… you should at least think about looking at her store.

Besides… Sunni is good people.  And it’s always worth while to meet good people.



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