Hello Princess

November 24, 2010

subtitle: in which we discuss appellations

So the other day when I was shopping in Union Square I went into the new Disney Store on Post.  I didn’t really want anything there… but a friend had asked me to look in and think happy Disney thoughts for her.  Every single sales associate greeted me with “Hello Princess”.

Now my mother can get away with jokingly referring to me as “Princess Quite A Lot” but in all honesty I have no desire to be a princess.  Nor have I ever wanted to be a Lady… I’m so much more of a Dame.  Ladies are born or married into their title but Dames…. Dames earn it on their own.

So thanks but you can keep your princess title… it’s not like it actually comes with a jewel encrusted circlet because if it did then I might be more interested in the whole thing.

The day was saved by the two shoe salesmen in different department stores greeted me as Miss.  Not Ma’am but Miss.  Totally made my day… a lot more than the rather phony and forced “Princess” thing.

And now to get that bad saccharine taste out of my mouth and possible yours I give you Zombie Disney…



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