Open and Shut

November 30, 2010

As I was walking up Telegraph from Ashby today I noticed that Locanda da Eve had closed.

It was only open for about 4 months.  I think it might have been rent but also that spot can’t hold a restaurant at all.  Too far from everything but Alta Bates which means they don’t have a particularly brisk dinner trade.

This is yet another storefront to close up recently.  Sharks closed it’s doors on Telegraph and Dwight – that was rent but they are owned by the same people as Mars Mercantile so the presence is still there.  Beard Papa closed on the corner of Channing and Telegraph… to be replaced by a gourmet ice cream sandwich shop… SERIOUSLY?  That’s going to make enough money to pay the rent?

The strange little clothing / lingerie store across the street from them is about to become a High Happy Herb Shop?  No comment except to say that I’m betting that I can’t fresh dill there.

I’m never going to understand the coming and goings… what makes money and what doesn’t.  But I’d rather have strange shops open for a moment than these perpetually empty storefronts because that just feels wasteful and sad.

oh well… ice cream sandwiches.



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