$78+ per square yard

December 7, 2010

I was so happy that I had found a nice carpet to buy and bind and use as a rug…. except I never asked the price.  And then I dug around online for a while and finally found something from the same brand and a similar line for … wait for it… oh yeah – I already told you in the title of the post… $78 per square yard.

Getting the carpet and paying for the binding is going to put me back in the thousand dollar range.

Which means I’m back to looking at pre-made rugs.


So close and yet so far.

But at least I have learned that I need to do this in person.  It’s too hard to do online because you can’t see what the rugs really look like.  And the colors aren’t quite right.  Also – you have to FEEL the rug so you know that it isn’t going to be annoying to walk on for decades.

The search is back on.



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