ugh, bad movie

December 9, 2010

Honestly, I really can tell the difference between a movie I don’t like and a bad movie.  I have on more than one occasion admitted to LOVING bad movies.  But not always.  And there are some great movies that I just don’t like.

There is no rhyme nor reason to my taste in cinema.  But while talking to Clara earlier in the week I did comment that I needed to at least like one of the characters to be able to stick it out with a movie.  I need to be intrigued by someone, or find one of them funny or SOMETHING.

Or the sets and costumes need to be so amazing I really don’t care what’s going on.

But when the sets aren’t interesting, and the plot sucks and I don’t care about a single character… that’s bad.

Tonight the Netflix was not good.  I had hope for the little mathematical thriller but no… it was not to be.

Ugh… really that’s my whole review.

Admittedly… it might just be me.



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