like a low level game show

December 16, 2010

So I was on BART coming back from a fantastic dinner in the city with my old friend “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” Dan.  And one the train i was sitting across from a fabulously dressed couple (which I found interesting since I was sitting across from a fabulously dressed couple on the way INTO the city as well).  This particular couple was reviewing the Golden Globe Nominees and reminding each other of the various works each nominee had been involved in.

During their discussion the woman turned to the man and said… “you know, that move with Scotland in the name… the one with Forest Whitaker…”

I leaned forward and said Last King of Scotland.  They both looked grateful and said thank you!

Not a moment later the man asked … what was that last movie Morgan Freeman was in that was about Africa.

Again… leaned forward… Invictus.

Sadly in the bonus round none of us could remember the Laura Linney film where she cougars on a younger man.  (IMDB’d it as soon as I got home – P.S.)

Just for those few moments I felt like I was doing really well on a game show.

It was fun.

And even crazier – as I was getting off the train a woman leaned over to a young man and asked if he knew what city was named on a travel poster.  He said, “Oh yes, Haneda is the name of one of the airports that service Tokyo.  There are no airports in the metro area.  It’s located in a suburb called Ota.”  This woman looked SO happy.  She said she obviously asked the right man.

It’s a good day for trivia questions.



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