Because I NEED more restaurant supplies

December 17, 2010

Rocket Restaurant Resource. How’s that for a name?

Winnie asked if I had heard of this place…. I didn’t know about it but once I did I felt I had to immediately brave the rainy weather and go…. Recon was needed.

So off I went down Ashby, past San Pablo… and there it was!

Rocket Restaurant Resource 1

They are still stocking up but the people there were incredibly nice.

It doesn’t replace Sur La Table or even the kitchen section of Ace Hardware but it does mean I don’t have to schlep over to East Bay Restaurant supply in Oakland near Jack London… that’s never a fun trip.

Rocket Restaurant Resource 2

I don’t need tongs but I almost bought a pair because really…. they just present so well.

Rocket Restaurant Resource 3

Industrial sized wok anyone?

Rocket Restaurant Resource 4

If I need a new pot to make 8 quarts of bolognese again I know where to go.

Rocket Restaurant Resource 5

Extra added bonus? They have tartlet pans with removable bottoms.  This has become a bit of a rarity and Winnie was thrilled that my reconnaissance uncovered this fact.

I was very proud of the fact that I did not buy anything while I was in the store.

I almost bought some of these champagne glasses…

for Nette since she wants to drink pink champagne out of them but I would have to purchase 3 dozen and there are limits to my love.

But at least I know they exist.  And as we all know, Knowledge is Power!



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