Following the history of art

December 17, 2010

I took a couple of art history classes in college.

Honestly I didn’t do that well in them.  It all seemed to focus on singular moments, singular pieces.  I could never really see the flow… the connection from one era to the next.  And yet I KNEW there had to be one.  (I really don’t do well when I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.  But you already knew that.)

Today I saw the connection.  I understood the flow of time and style and everything.  It all came together for me.

It was beautiful.

Earlier this year I saw The Birth of Impressionism exhibit that showcased the creation and evolution of the Impressionist movement in art.

Today I saw the Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Beyond exhibit.

As I listened to the audio tour and read each and ever description and truly looked at every single painting in the exhibit I saw time pass and ideas merge and separate and diverge and come back together.

From room to room I watched time pass.

And when I got to the end I realized that the last room showed me the moments just before the International Arts and Crafts exhibit that I saw YEARS ago began.

I want to see more art now.




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