are they really strange habits?

December 20, 2010

I wanted to get out of the apartment today so I went on a very long, rambling walk.

Walking up Martin Luther King Jr to Hopkins and then down to Monterey Market where I looked around since I had never been before.

It’s a nice place.  And the wine guy was very nice.  We had a lovely conversation.

After wandering around I walked back to the Alameda and then up to Solano Ave… where I window shopped up and down the street…. and I do mean window shopped because I didn’t really go in to any of the stores…. my how times have changed.

I did go into Solano Cellars

Unlike the other Vintage Berkeley locations Solano Cellars has been known to carry port.  So I went in looking for a bottle.  I knew the gentleman behind the tasting bar from the Champagne tasting last week and he let me taste the one bottle of port they had.

It was cold out of the fridge and as I warmed it up the tastes changed from fruit to pepper to spice.

I don’t like spice so I didn’t buy the bottle but I was glad I stopped in.

After walking all the way down Solano I turned and started making my way back where I ran into Rosie.  She was coming to see a friend who worked on Solano at a toy shop.  I wandered along with her telling her that my whole day was just aimlessly wandering.  She was rather shocked as she thought she was the only person who did crazy things like that.

Hate to break it to you kiddo, but I do this ALL THE TIME!

And I’ve never put too much thought into it.

The toy store was fun except for the part where I can afford to bring home any of the crazy things inside if I just break out the credit card.  I came so close to getting an Erector set…

Rosie and I agreed that Playmobil sets like these two would end in bloodshed if we were playing with them…

Rhinos and panthers charging and causing damage left right and center.  I can see it now.

I managed to get myself home without spending any money.

It was a good day.  But the thing that I keep thinking about is that Rosie is wrong… most of our habits aren’t that strange.  It’s just about finding someone else with the same habit(s).

I guess that’s what friendship is all about… creating connections with people who make your habits seem a little less strange.



2 Responses to “are they really strange habits?”

  1. clara Says:

    You could build a BRIDGE!!

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