Non-Shopper Remorse

December 22, 2010

In my more stupid moments of youth, I would buy things I didn’t really need or even desperately want from stores I window shopped in… almost like the price of admission or something equally as absurd.

I don’t do that anymore.  My fiscal well-being is way too important and also I have a healthy fear of hording these days.

But that doesn’t stop the niggling feeling of something close to shame when I window shop in a small, local business and don’t buy anything.

Today I was in a bookstore and realized I wanted to check the prices on She but couldn’t remember the author if I ever even knew the author.

I asked at the counter of this adorable little independent bookstore and was told the author was H. Rider Haggard.  I checked for a used copy that would be priced well above the price on the cover but still within range of my pocket-book… but no joy.  They had a new copy but it was trade sized paperback and much more expensive than I would have liked.

Oh well, live to shop another day.  But the woman behind the counter wanted to know why I wasn’t buying that copy.  It was the book I wanted.  I should buy it.

I explained that it was outside of today’s price range and she railed against Amazon and big businesses that can afford deep discounts that cut out the little merchants.  And I get that.  And I feel bad.  But not bad enough to buy the book.

Especially when I came home, logged onto the interwebs and found out that She is in the public domain and available in its entirety at Project Gutenberg.

I feel bad but what exactly am I supposed to do?

Oh well.



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