a knitting library

December 24, 2010

Nick is moving… and as a part of the move he decided he wasn’t going to keep his knitting library anymore.  He wasn’t knitting like he used to since his photography has taken over most of his time.

But he didn’t want to give the books to just anyone.  He wanted to give them all to someone who would understand what he had collected.  He had put time into buying each book.  They deserved to not just be used but appreciated.

He was told that my mom is a serious knitter and he asked if I would like to take the books to her.

I didn’t know.  Mom knits, not me.  And she’s finicky about her books.  But when I looked at the books I recognized some of the authors names.  ((I do actually listen when my mom talks about knitting… it’s only polite since I want to keep getting knit presents.))

So I took the whole library home.  I called mom.  I read off the titles and authors and she went silent.

Apparently Nick is one hell of a collector and this is a rather impressive collection of knitting books.

Mom was rather thrilled to find out that I would be driving home soon because she wanted her books and they would be expensive to ship.

Thank you Nick for one heck of a Christmas present for my mom.  We are thrilled.

It does make me wonder what books Nick would pick out for the perfect cookbook library.



One Response to “a knitting library”

  1. Mom Says:

    And mom is excited……..the books are well chosen treasures………and, yes, dear I will expect a knitted goodies list from you…….

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