Ally’s new bag

December 24, 2010

I am rather shocked that I managed to finish the project I planned to complete today.

Usually I procrastinate a lot more than this.

See, Ally spends a lot of her time these days biking around the rainy city of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  And she wanted a bag that would deal with the biking and the rain.  But I don’t work in technical fabrics.  I’m just not set up for that.  But then during a sewing class I walked past a barrel of oil cloth and thought… well I can get close… more water resistant than anything else but still fun and one of a kind and original and all those things that Ally loves.

I even made her a detachable pouch for her cell phone since she needs to know where it is at all times… like the rest of us are okay with losing ours.

Now I just need to complete the Etsy transaction with her and ship it off to the location of her choice.

And tomorrow hopefully I will continue to be productive and I can start AND finish this project.

It has pockets!  I LOVE pockets!



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