My mother knits

December 25, 2010

So I already said that my mom knits.  A lot.  She’s really rather good.

I got a package for Christmas a few weeks ago.  She immediately started asking if I had opened my presents yet.

Ummm… no – I waited until Christmas like a good girl.  Want to see what I got?

She actually knit a fair isle bag and then felted it.  It’s amazing on its own and then you start to think about the individual stitches with the specific colors over and over again.  It’s more than slightly amazing if you ask me.

Crinkly yarn that was a tester for the sweater to come but it did quite work out.  Makes a rocking scarf and gotta love the grape Nehi color.

My new sweater.  This makes three made by Mom.  How cool is it… long sleeves because I pull them over my hands and a nice big cowl to pull down or up.  And the yarn is soft and fluffy!

But this… this is my FAVORITE of the lot.  It’s the same yarn as the sweater with a darker band at the very bottom.  It’s a big cowl that I pinned a bit tighter with my wooden shawl pin.  I must say I LOVE the comfort and warms of this little item.

I might begin to refer to it as my Theed.  Because it’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing that everyone, everyone, everyone needs.

But not at the cost of the forests… I’m pro Lorax… well not the movie but definitely the book and what it respresents.

Merry Christmas and goodnight.


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